Information and Implementation


We live in a world where information is literally at our fingertips. At first glance that seems like one of those ‘all good’ things in life.

But oftentimes the information force-fed to us is incorrect or based on half-truths, and almost every time the information comes with a bias and fits the narrative of the publisher.

The second problem with the information avalanche that confronts us daily is the problem of implementation. For example, you may know what you ought to do to get in shape or become more successful, but doing those things in an effective manner is an order of magnitude more difficult.

I will try my best to post information and strategies that you may not normally be getting.  By reading and watching on a regular basis and using your discernment, readers should be able to make better judgments for their own journey.

Secondly, I will try my best in the fields of training, nutrition, and financial success, to show readers how to create simple strategies that further their goals. I will write about implementation strategies which work for me, and those that I have seen work for others.