When I was a teenager studying the history of World War 2, I struggled in coming to grips with how the majority of Germans allowed the institutions of their Nazi government to commit such horrendous crimes.  It turns out that manipulating a public that believes in its institutions isn’t very difficult.

The German people believed their news services, their medical and government institutions, and their leaders.  Those institutions had built that trust over many years in the minds of the people, so the people continued to believe the institutions and leaders even when the speaking of mistruths and outright lies began.

There was a concerted effort by the Nazis to push a narrative and an equally strong effort to stifle any pushback against that narrative.  The Nazi’s utilized cartoons, art, theatre, newspapers, television and large public events to shape the minds of the people into accepting both the veracity and the nobleness of National Socialist goals.

To push back against any counter-narrative, student groups were organized to perform public book-burnings.  There were very few Germans who pushed back against this onslaught, because to do that brought shame, ridicule, loss of job and income; not from the Nazi government…but from their fellow citizens.

I’ve thought a lot about this Nazi playbook over the past several weeks, as I’ve witnessed our new version of book-burning in the form of de-platforming any doctor or researcher who dares question the official narrative of Covid-19 on any and all social media and news platforms.

 Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have all de-platformed any and every voice that opposes the narrative, despite qualification to voice an opinion. News organizations have heaped on the ridicule and the ubiquitous ‘fact-checkers’ do their thing.

Yes, I’ve witnessed it to a smaller degree previously in regard to vaccines and man-made global warming, but never have I witnessed it to this extent, where ‘cancel-culture’ has accelerated on a global scale.  And to go against the official narrative, to hold an opinion other than the approved one, brings shame, ridicule, loss of job and income…once again mainly from the people.  #Covidiot has been the lead trend on Twitter for over a month.

I performed a bit of a test over the past two weeks.  My wife and I sent random Covid-19 links of the opinions and research of various doctors and researchers to people we knew, some on Facebook and some via email.  Some we sent to those with science degrees who I’ve come to know and respect over the last 20 years of writing, and others were sent to those we know to be relatively well educated.  All of them were sent to people we like and respect. And to be very clear if you are reading this, despite how you answered, we still like and respect you exactly as before.  This is a societal problem at the moment, not a ‘you’ problem, and I sincerely ask your forgiveness for anyone reading this who was part of this uninvited experiment.  Asking you beforehand would certainly have negated any true findings.

We sent formal, peer reviewed work to some and to others we sent random opinion articles or videos from doctors who have, at the least, an idea of the scientific process.  We judged none of the articles or videos we sent as to their veracity, whether or not the article or video was 100 percent correct…they were the opinions and work of those who wrote or videoed them, and the test was designed simply to gauge the response of a ‘different than the narrative’ viewpoint from those we sent them to.

The results were interesting.  To those with a hard science degree, almost to a man or woman, they responded in a scientific non-judgemental manner, pointing out the flaws, the good points, or both, in the article or video sent. Some didn’t know the veracity or lack thereof of the work we sent and simply said they needed more information…a fair call.

Those considered well educated but without a degree in the hard sciences responded differently than those above, but again almost to a man or women in a likeminded manner.  Words like ‘de-bunked’, ‘no good’, ‘false’, and ‘fake-news’ came in hot and heavy…plus one ‘bullshit’, with numerous replies pointing out where to get ‘better’ information. Again, like the hard science people, there were exceptions in this group as well.

As the vast majority of people on the globe don’t have a degree in the hard sciences, apparently the official narrative is going well for those who wish to push it.

I rarely post on social media, and have only had a Facebook account for a couple of years in order to get a feel for the social pulse of the moment.  It helps when writing to understand what’s in people’s heads. 

But I’m not much of a social media user. Having witnessed enough political lies and the sweet superlatives given by every politician of every stripe for several lifetimes, I now despise them, and find social media a place where people defend their political ‘team’ at all costs, right or wrong.  I frankly find the ‘game’ appalling but to each their own, and I don’t judge anyone for their viewpoints.  Can you, gentle reader, for all your tolerance, say the same?

Every one of us, me included, has confirmation bias.  This is the natural inclination to search for and believe viewpoints and opinions that match your already established viewpoint.  Scientists are (or should be) trained to at least recognize their existing confirmation bias and to exclude it to the largest extent possible when doing their work.  It’s impossible to completely eliminate it, but I believe that’s why those we sent links to that had scientific backgrounds responded for the most part the way they did.

Interesting but not crucial, none of those that work within the medical and/or scientific community responded with a mainstream news article.  To be fair, some of the non-science people we sent links to may not be aware of my own background in researching and writing about medical, health, and fitness issues, so again there’s no judgement either way regardless of responses received. It was just an interesting observation.

Now I’m going to segue into the Covid-19 debate, in an odd way, with the recounting of a recent encounter I had.  Bear with me in the re-telling as there is a point at the end, and then we’ll get into a wee bit of medical science, my longtime favourite, and just touch perhaps on maybe why this particular narrative is being pushed so hard. 

The opinion of the crowd is very powerful.  Sometimes the crowd can be a force for great good and much truth, but many times the opinion of the crowd is a source of great evil and untruth.  I’m certain you can call to mind many instances of both without my prompting. We’ve already spoken of one such example in the opening to this article.  For another, just consider any elementary school playground.

Solzhenitsyn said, famously, that both good and evil run through the heart of every man.  I’d add that both good and evil run through the heart of every crowd. But as every crowd is made of individuals, it is especially important for individuals to use their intellect, their discernment, and their natural curiosity in order that they not blindly follow the crowd…perhaps especially when those purporting to lead are those in authoritative positions such as teachers, preachers, politicians, news organizations and government institutions.  History both ancient and recent tells us that following the crowd without the use of one’s intellect, discernment and natural curiosity is an approach fraught with danger.

Now to the story at hand.  I have an acquaintance that drives past our home occasionally in his travels. He’s a very pleasant fellow, a university professor in the earth sciences , and by all accounts in the few interactions I’d had with him, an intelligent enough man. I like the guy.  We had just begun a discussion about climate science several months back via email (a neutral topic between us as neither of us has focused our attention on that topic exclusively) and I’ve been remiss in not pursuing that conversation as my days have been filled repairing fire-damaged fencing in addition to our home restorations.  I’m certain he’s been busy with his own tasks as well.

But he drove down our laneway last week and of course, as is occurring everywhere else on the planet, our discussion quickly turned to Covid-19.  When he stuck his elbow out instead of shaking my hand, I knew where he was in terms of the official narrative, but the conversation that followed quickly devolved. His assertive approach to the ‘truth of the crowd’ didn’t overly surprise me but his lack of questions did, as this man does understand a little of my background in health and wellness and research.

I pointed out to him that in my view Australia and especially our State of Victoria was taking a very wrongheaded approach in ‘locking down’ to the extent that it has.  He responded that it would depend on how many people one was willing to kill in taking that risk, or words to that effect. I’ve read the same thing in the papers so I understood again where he was coming from.

The response he gave me was ‘the official narrative’ here in Australia and in many countries around the world.  He didn’t ask me why I thought it was a wrongheaded approach, he just assumed I was wrong.  It was against the official narrative so in his mind I must have been wrong.  But it got worse.

I mentioned that the lock-down would prevent any herd immunity ( herd immunity being a very positive thing) and that lack of herd immunity would fall into the hands of those who wanted to vaccinate the globe (Fauci and Gates and the WHO especially, although I didn’t even mention these names knowing that doing so would have been so against the official narrative it would have made his head spin), and that the approach of waiting for an effective vaccine would never work because they’ve never made a vaccine for c-viruses that works.

My neighbour responded:  ‘Sure they have’

Me: ‘Name one’

Neighbour: ‘The flu vaccine’

Well, I just stood silent, staring for a moment with my mouth slightly ajar.

I didn’t want to begin explaining that flu viruses are not corona viruses and, as I could work with what he gave me anyway…

Me: ‘Flu vaccines don’t work either’ (Very Important Sidebar and Sources at Bottom if you think perhaps my response was provocative, wrong, or both)

Of course, that response was massively against the current narrative, especially here in Australia where they are now making professional Rugby League players get the flu shot this year in a new ‘No jab, No Play’ policy.

So with that, and again with not so much as a question from him, he got in his ute and left. Still friends of course, but with a vast gulf between our understanding of current events.

From his perspective, because I wasn’t speaking from the science he’s been made aware of by mainstream news, he put me into a ‘conspiracy theory’ basket.  He’d already told me in an earlier conversation that he couldn’t tolerate ‘conspiracy theorists’, so without asking so much as a question or a source (though I gave him one anyway which I’m certain he discounted because it also went against the narrative), he placed me in that basket and rather than risk any cognitive dissonance (the difficulty each of us has in holding two opposing views), it was easier to walk away.  I understand that.

But that brief conversation is a microcosm of what is happening globally, and I want you to reflect on it as we move forward in this conversation.  If you don’t, and if we continue to marginalize scientists and doctors and even sociologists and economists that see a different gestalt whole than what ‘the narrative’ currently is, we’ll see wars, civil wars, or perhaps camps to put these non-narrative rebels and troublemakers in, where they’ll keep quiet and mind their own business while the majority come up with a ‘final solution‘.

Yeah, those are harsh words.  We’re in precarious times. And trust me when I say that these harsh words are a much more productive way of dealing with the anger that is building than what you are liable to get if this trend of silencing any form of dissent to an official narrative continues.

I mentioned sociologist and economists ought to be included in this discussion and, perhaps, some of you are thinking, ‘why them, this is a health issue?’

Well no, it isn’t JUST a health issue as significant events never occur in a vacuum, so I’ll touch on just a few of these first before we get into other issues because although they’ve certainly been touched on in the news, maybe you haven’t thought deeply about these second and third tier effects.

Suicides and mental health:  As I said I rarely post on social media, but I follow the current trends.  Over the last several years I’ve seen mental health issues come to the forefront of social media, especially the epidemic proportions of suicide, and particularly the dramatic and frightening spike in male suicides. This is a great thing. 

But where is the strength of those voices now?   As the economy collapses around us, millions upon millions of the working poor are losing their jobs and their homes, losing their small businesses and their self-esteem, and for a great many that were already barely hanging on, they are also losing their minds.

This lockdown may not be touching you personally. It may be an inconvenience and you’re making the best of it with your Netflix and social media games with your friends. Bully for you. But have a heart for the millions that it is touching. Again, this isn’t intended as judgement in the slightest. It’s an appeal for a helping hand or a meal or a shoulder for those in your city or town who do need help at the moment under the situation we’ve been forced to take. Important word that…forced.

Medical second-tier effects: Currently under this lock-down, many are not going to the hospital with chest pains or that nagging ache that just hasn’t felt right for a while, or that lump that really should get looked at, because the current narrative has put the fear of God into them, and they’re deathly afraid that they’ll get ‘the virus’ if they so much as step foot in any medical establishment. So, to their great detriment, they just ‘let it be’ for now.  That delay will costs lives that aren’t being adequately factored in the current narrative. Source (7)

Here’s something you may not have thought about.  Do you know that every day during the strictest days of lock-down measures, children were and are dying in many places of the world, alone in hospital beds, a nurse or a doctor by their side, with no parent or siblings near as they pass, in fear, from this world. The no visitors allowed policy is, simply put, cruel. Reflect on that one long and hard. Put in your mind a picture of that child’s eyes as they lay there, dying. Put yourself in that child’s position. Put yourself in that parent’s shoes. Not so great?

Now let’s try to address just a few of the ‘why’ questions. For most of them I’ll point towards my source material at the bottom of the article.

First of all, let’s address the all important money issue. Vaccines are Big Pharma’s most lucrative money maker, making leaps and bounds more for them than every other drug they produce. With vaccines they have no liability for harm or even death, the product is government purchased in large measure, they are not required to do double blind safety studies (vaccines are the ONLY drug without the need for double blind safety or efficacy testing).

Also, Big Pharma, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Fauci, and the WHO make and funnel billions of dollars on Vaccines every year, and it would be a dream come true if they can force a global population to be vaccinated for a problem not near as bad as it is made out to be. See Robert Kennedy Jr’s interview in the sources (9) to understand this clearly, and I assure you that you’ll be shocked to your core, especially with Bill Gates’ work in India and Africa. The interview also clearly spells out the relationship between Big Pharma and media sources, creating a perfect storm of misinformation between the government institutions we should be able to trust and a media that is being paid to push an official narrative.

A timely book out this year is Plague of Corruption, portraying the corruption which has occurred between Big Pharma and the national and international institutions we ought to be able rely on for unbiased science.

Dr. Judy A.Mikovits, along with other prominent voices, is being de-platformed at the moment. She is a rare hero and should be celebrated but, instead, she is being smeared by very heavily vested groups since the recent removal of her 5 year gag order, and the popularity of her new book. here

Despite what the ‘fact-checkers’ and ‘de-bunkers’ are doing, calling Dr. Mikovits unqualified just isn’t going to fly with people once they read her story, read her qualifications, read and see her documentation. But, her story has been pulled along with any mention of it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why?

This is why I say this may be my last Facebook Post. And I don’t really care because at the end of the day, we all have to speak our truth. I have to speak mine as best I can, and for the sake of my children and grandchildren, that’s what I will continue to do in any manner that I can.

You, friends all, must speak your truth as well. That is how it should and must be in a free world. Most of you can now, with 20/20 hindsight, see the web of deception between media and government institutions that got us into wars in the middle east (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Most of you have seen the lies spewed forth from Tobacco companies in the 1970’s and 80’s. So now I ask you, sincerely, after you have looked at my source links, to look at where this current dystopian avenue is taking us. Speak your truth, not the truth of the crowd, or the media, or a handful of experts who have very much to benefit from a certain path.

I don’t care what your political beliefs are, I don’t have a political team. I don’t care what your faith is, or your sexual orientation, or even what colour of socks you like to wear.

I do care about you.

I care about each and every one of you in a manner that is bigger than any team, any category, any colour or any race. I care about my children and grandchildren and those I love, just like you. We ARE, truly, the same.

I also understand that this quest to change already determined minds is a Sisyphean task. It’s a large boulder and an even larger hill. To go full circle in this article…most of you still believe strongly in your institutions, by design, and I empathize with where you are both intellectually and emotionally.

This was a long article and I appreciate that you’ve stuck it out to the end, especially because at the moment, quite possibly, your views could be polar opposite and the cognitive dissonance will be almost impossible to overcome.

Almost. Which means that it is possible.

Together, let’s stop the boxcars from arriving before it’s too late.


I. AM. NOT. ANTI-VAX.  I am against the current childhood vaccine schedule, and I am most definitely against the methodology used to produce vaccines currently. To make them with a vast reduction in side effects (it is understood and accepted that there will always be a slight risk of side effects) would cost less than a dollar per dose.

Also, from the CDC documents themselves, influenza vaccines over a 10 year average have a < 40% efficacy rate for influenza, but that number is highly misleading. Many people mistakenly believe that this means that it reduces your chances of flu severity by 40%, but it does not. It is simply measuring antibody serum load uptake percentage matched with the current season’s strains of active flu viruses.

It means that in absolute terms you have a 3-4% chance every year of getting the flu without a vaccine but a 1-2% chance of getting the flu if you’ve had the vaccine.  So in absolute terms, if the match is good, you might actually reduce the chance of getting the flu by one or two percent.

And for those under 2 years of age and those over 65 years of age, the chances of getting the flu with or without the flu vaccine were statistically insignificant in real terms (1%-3% for both groups, with or without the vaccine).  As you get closer to 65 years of age the benefit of a flu shot diminishes, but they’d have you believe that it’s more important to get the flu shot as you age, and this is simple not true.

This fact isn’t recognized even by many doctors, as I’ve found out by gently correcting a few when asked if I’ve had my flu shot. Vaccine manufacturers and drug reps don’t make a point of being clear on this for obvious reasons. As I pointed out earlier with the current media/political/big pharma association, they will never go out of their way to explain what this figure actually represents.

BUT…and this is very important in todays current health climate, flu vaccines have the unfortunate side-effect of making an individual 36% MORE LIKELY OF BEING INFECTED BY ANY TYPE OF CORONA-VIRUS, including COVID-19 . Source (3) The ‘fact checkers’ are furiously trying to say that this was not the conclusion. It was a conclusion, although an inconvenient one for vaccine pushers.

I won’t even get into the health ramifications of getting the flu shot every year, as that will have to be the topic for another day.  This article will already be too long, and I’m well past the point of trying to convince anyone.  As I often say, everyone has to help themselves to happiness and if you want to get the flu shot…have at it, it’s your life.  Just PLEASE don’t try to tell me I’m the foolish one as I’ve researched this for over 20 years now.


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3) PDF Flu vaccine and other associated respiratory diseases and corona viruses (Department of Defense Document). Of course the counter-narrative folks and ‘de-bunkers’ are coming out in full force, just like in Nazi Germany, but here’s a direct quote from the large scale peer reviewed study. I’ve read the entire document and provided it for you above:

“Examining noninfluenza viruses specifically, the odds of both coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals (OR = 1.36 and 1.51, respectively) (Table 5).” That’s a 36% increase in susceptibility to corona-viruses.

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