The peach and nectarine trees in the enclosed garden have turned golden orange at the same time the gum trees have sprouted their after-fire new growth in bright greens and shades of red, so it looks as though the seasons are a bit mixed at our Australian high country home.

We haven’t found life much changed with the new isolation rules.  We had building supplies, gravel, and fencing materials delivered a few weeks back and we’ll now spend this time repairing buildings and fencing damaged by the fires, completing a woodshed that is long overdue, and getting ahead of the curve in as many aspects of life as possible while we have this gift of time thrown our way. 

We’ve always got plenty of food stocked away, lots of winter greens growing in the garden, and lots of fuel for the generator in store, so no trips to town are necessary for the next couple of months if necessary.

I take the time to read the science of this virus wherever I can find good sources, but I don’t get caught in the endless negative news cycle and the drama they create. That approach does nothing to help me get ahead when this is all behind us, as it will be.   The job of those news BUSINESSES is to drive headlines, clicks, eyeballs, and advertising.  The way to do that is by taking the most extreme examples in our society and showcasing them…the way old-time circuses would showcase the most extreme in our society.  Human nature never changes, and the news orgs of today are using a tried and true strategy.  But I don’t have to line up at the tent entrance, hoping for a peek.

Keep moving forward.

Once the world gets through this period of isolation we’ll need to start discussing a few difficult things.  This virus is well and truly established in the human population, unlike SARs and MERs.  Both of those two previous corona viruses were only transmissible when symptomatic and for this, and a number of other fortuitous reasons, we stopped SARs and MERs from becoming established in the global population.

 Covid-19 is also transmissible while asymptomatic, helping increase it’s R-naught value (transmissibility) and ensuring that it’s established in the human population.  This poses a problem because once the virus establishes it WILL periodically reappear when times and conditions are suitable…for the virus, not us. 

Whether this will be a yearly event or less frequent we just don’t know yet.  On the plus side is that as more people acquire the virus the chances of it ‘spiking the curve’ and overwhelming the health system becomes less likely because population immunity grows as more positive tests accumulate.  But less than ideal scenarios are still possible the next few go arounds or if the virus mutates slightly (which will occur eventually just because that’s what viruses do in order to adapt to their changing environments).

The reality is this.  The world won’t shut down like this again.  The global economy is being shaken badly at the moment and whether we choose to accept it or not foundations of the financial structure won’t accept a repeat without crumbling entirely.  Whether you think that may be a positive thing in the long term or not, the deaths resulting from a world in chaos would be much worse for humanity than what the current mortality rate is from this strand of corona virus.

The fact is we live in precarious times despite the thin veneer of modern civilization trying to obscure that reality.  We are also seeing the limitations of government…any government, in crisis situations.  Some nations will do better than others but at the end of the day the best lesson from this whole first run is to make yourself and your family as resilient as possible moving forward.  Stay healthy physically, emotionally and financially.

Be prepared to re-launch into the world with a strategy to take advantage of the financial opportunities that await the courageous after EVERY financial crisis.

Make yourself better.

Dream, plan, and strategize.


Learn about how you can utilize a space in your home or garage to set up a home gym.  Plan it out.

Learn about eating right.

Learn about how carbohydrates, fats, and proteins affect your body.  Learn about the different kinds of fats and carbohydrates. 

Learn about supplementation and hormone optimization.

Learn about strengthening your mindset.


Start learning a new skill or language that will stack your existing talents and increase your value as an employee, a contractor and a person.

Learn and plan to execute a new income stream…lots of people are finding out how fragile a regular pay-check really is.  There are lots of ways to make money from home in today’s world if you’re disciplined enough to execute the daily tasks needed to make it work.

Above all don’t allow this time to make you weaker physically, emotionally or financially. 

Accept the reality of this moment in time for what it is and use every isolated minute to make a great future for yourself.

What’s your alternative?