I know where you are because I’ve…we’ve…been there too.  You’ve had a rough patch in your life, maybe a year or maybe a decade.  You’d like to change the trajectory of your life but don’t know where to begin, or how.  You make a promise to yourself that tomorrow will be different, but the rut you’re in is so deep that tomorrow never comes. 

The broken promises you’ve made to yourself wear on your mind, on your soul even, until those tomorrows you keep hoping for look ever bleaker and ever further away.  You know hope isn’t a strategy and yet, today it seems, hope is all you’ve got.

I also understand that the gap between the inspirational videos you watch and where you are seems too deep, too vast a canyon to cross on your own, so instead of you crossing over to us, we’ll come over to where you are.  Pull up a chair and let us introduce ourselves

We’re the ones you’ve seen through the window of the gym early in the morning as you drive by on your way to work.  We’re the ones you see on the road at dawn or dusk running, jogging, some of us even trudging.

We’re a mixed lot. Men and women. Young and not so young. Rich…and poor. Business executives and laborers. Every race and culture. But when we enter the doors of the gym or make our way out to the curb those outward appearances…the labels we wear…drop away, and we become family. These things we do are some of the few left on this planet where one can experience that kind of camaraderie.  Personally speaking, it makes me proud to be a part of it.

We do these things for many reasons, each of us with our own personal commitment to change. Some are trying to shed a few pounds and others are trying to shed the baggage that life has placed on their weary shoulders. For a few the line between the two has blurred over time, but one thing every one of us will agree on.  When we change from our street clothes to our gym attire or gie, or throw on our running gear, the burdens of life become lighter for a spell.

We would be less than truthful if we said that it was easy every day.  It isn’t.  Some days the baggage we spoke of earlier tends to bring us down. Sometimes the alarm clock goes off too early in the morning for our liking. Sometimes on our way home from work it seems easier to turn left, towards home, than it is to turn right, towards the gym.

But we’ve already made the step that you’re considering…one day we finally made good on that promise to ourselves and we followed through.  We began to execute.

That day in our not too distant past we placed our baggage on the shelf, we put our feet on the floor when the alarm went off and, scared as we were… we turned right.

This may be difficult to understand at this juncture of your life…but every time we continue to follow through in this manner our baggage becomes lighter, our mind and body become stronger, and we take a step in a better direction.

Yes, we march to a different drummer and we make no excuse for that. But the drummer’s beat is different for each one of us, so please don’t feel that we won’t accept the beat that you hear. You might be pleasantly surprised, in fact, to meet others who hear the same music as you.

You are, to use an oft used expression, at a tipping point. It may seem easier at this point in your life to simply tip back into the same old routine that you’ve been living until now. But I’ve two questions to ask.

What decisions in your life brought you to this point? What decisions will begin to turn your life around?

Don’t feel that you need to answer us today.  Sleep on it.  Mull it over in your mind for a few days if you wish.  But please, please understand this…we’ve been where you are. We understand how you feel at this moment.  And we understand that you dealt with your particular problems and difficulties in the only manner that you knew how.  Until today.

This brief introduction is meant to encourage you to join us. The first few days will be difficult, like anything new and unfamiliar is when you first undertake it.  Learning to drive was difficult at one point in your distant past too, but you managed that…and we promise that you’ll manage this too. 

It’s been really nice to meet you.  We’re glad we’ve come over to say hello, and now we’re asking you to come and join us. You won’t regret it.  We’ll see you soon.