Training vs. eating; which is most important when trying to reach individual goals.  They’re both important, but if I had to choose between missing a day of training or making poor food choices on any given day, I’d miss training.  Why?  A few reasons.  Your food choices literally make you what you are.  It’s not just the calories.  It’s also learning what foods help to produce good hormones and what foods suppress bad hormones.  It’s learning how to eat what types of nutrients at what times.  It’s learning what food choices will elevate your mood, and what foods and nutrients will make you grumpy and unmotivated.

If you miss a workout (and I’m not recommending it) but eat right that day, you’ll pick up the next day where you left off without going backward.  Making a day of bad food choices WILL cause you to move in the opposite direction of your goals.

Once you’ve reached your fitness and wellness goals the difference becomes more noticeable still (more about this in a moment.).  I’ve been in good shape and I’ve been in bad shape, and when I’m in bad shape I can eat quite a bit of crap food and still not feel too bad. An unwell body becomes a bit sluggish in responding to stimuli, both good and bad.  But when I’m in great shape, a bad meal or two makes you feel like you’ve been on a bender for the weekend.  It really is that noticeable.

The better your fitness and wellness levels, the more your body notices poor nutrient choices or foods eaten at the wrong time.

That brings us to this.  Fitness isn’t just about looking good.  Fitness goes hand in hand with wellness.  There have been numerous times over my career when I wasn’t well even though I looked like I was fit to the people I met. But I knew it was just an illusion.

I guess the point of the post is this.  Fitness and wellness is a journey which never ends.  But that shouldn’t be a discouragement to you, it should encourage you to begin your quest.  Think of it as a hobby.  If you were a woodworker or a quilter, would you just learn enough to make one bookcase or one quilt, and then quit?  Of course not.  That bookcase or that quilt would be just the beginning of your becoming a better woodworker or quilter.

So why not become a better you?