Another sunny day here on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane, in Redcliffe.  We woke up early today and spent about 2 hours marketing and buying advertisements online.  We’d finished our vegetable juice, protein and essential fats before 8:30 am and had walked down the street from the home we’re in to a schoolyard by 10am.

Great cardio. Fourteen minutes for Lynette and  twenty minutes for me. Roughly 100 meter sprints with a 30 degree berm making up the last 20 meters of that hundred yards.  A fast walk back to the starting point and GO again.  Then 8 minutes of Abdominal work.  Done.

Then post training meal and an hour spent relaxing, talking and laughing.  Then a lunch of salad and chicken, and an afternoon spent walking a couple kilometers along the water to the marina and old part of town.  Great evening meal, now kicking back and relaxing but thought I’d fire off this post before bed.