Prior to this trip, Peregian Beach was always one of my favourite places to visit in Australia.  After spending four days between Peregian Beach and Noosa Heads, I was reminded why.  A white sand beach that goes for miles, turquoise water, and two adjacent small seaside towns ranked as the best place to live in Australia. With a National Park directly behind the towns, west of the beach, urban sprawl is prevented, and the area retains a unique culture.

Today we drove an hour and a half south to the coastal town of Redcliffe.  This area is only 20 minutes north of Brisbane and practically an outlying suburb, but in the fifties this was the area outside of town where the upper class resided.  The homes are each distinctly done in the Queenslander style, suiting the tropic climate.

We found an original, small, wood-sided one Queenslaner, built in the fifties and just two blocks from the beach.  The beach is solid and not slanted too steeply toward the water, making it perfect for running/walking/training,.  We got in a good 30 minutes of push-ups and tubing shoulder exercises before heading back to the house.  In the afternoon we walked the neighbourhood looking at the homes.

Lynette and I like this area too, but it’s getting a bit too suburban for our liking.  It is an extremely popular area to live because of the proximity to all the attractions of metropolitan Brisbane, while still living in a traditional seaside getaway community.  The big and old trees lining the many boulevards make this community unique.

We’ll stay here for a week or so.