We had a great leg workout today.  Thirteen minutes of Leg hell for Lynette and nineteen minutes of it for me.  It really is amazing what you can do with the most basic of tools.  A good tubing set, weight vest, Chin up straps, a few dumbells and, optimally, a good big stability ball that can be used as a bench or as an Abdominal machine.  The ball is the only thing missing on this trip.

We began to slowly pack our things today.  Tomorrow we are heading 8 hours south of here to a little coastal town called Noosa.  The beaches there are really good too, and it looks like we’ll be in a really good spot.

Tonight when we went on our late afternoon/ early evening beach walk, we met Sal.  He was knocking down ripe coconuts on a beachfront property we were passing.  There must have been 30 coconuts at the top of that old tree, all in various stages of ripeness as I would soon learn.  Sal used a long aluminum pole, approx 9 meters, or 30 feet, long.  Surrounding the tree were 10-12 already knocked -down specimens.

When he found out that we weren’t from these parts, he taught us how to choose the ones with the best and most coconut water and the softest white meat.  They should still be green.  They will be heavy when you pick them up, and you should not here any water sloshing around inside, indicating evaporation and air inside.

He spotted a coconut lying on the ground nearby that met his approval, grabbed it with his left hand and with his right hand  and the large machete that suddenly appeared  began to hack away at the fibrous outer skin of the nut.

Once that outer fiber was removed, Sal hacked at the top of the inner coconut in a way that looks like topping a soft-boiled egg.  It only took seven or eight well placed hacks and a cork size opening appeared on the top.  There was a lot more coconut water inside than I expected.  Sal told me there is about 2 liters of water inside of every 5 coconuts.  And Sal knows because he eats 5 coconuts every day, year round.  That’s the other thing I found out.  There is no set ‘season’ for coconuts.  They continuously produce coconuts, so you can harvest the ripe ones all year.

I’m glad we Met Sal.