We had a one hour rain yesterday afternoon, which was the first rain we’ve seen other than our drive the first day, back on the 19th of August.  That day was snow and then rain for about 3 hours from when we left home.  It also rained that first night sleeping on the boat.

But we haven’t seen any rain since then until late yesterday.  Today we woke to sunny skies again, and temperatures reached 32 Celcius.  We had time on the beach, about 30 minutes training followed by some time by the pool, a late afternoon 1 and a half hour walk on the beach, then finally 2 or 3 hours working on the laptops. This was a typical day for us here this past week, only altering it slightly when we’d head out for a meal some evenings.

I haven’t been this relaxed in years, nor has training been this good in years.  No injuries, consistent training and good nutrition.

Another great day in Bucasia Beach.