The water was only 2 meters or so from the high tide line from yesterday, leaving Lynette and I a width of beach from shore line to the first clumps of vegetation of maybe 35 meters.  It was a 12 to 15 second sprint depending on how the slight hill and soft sand slowed you up, which it continuously did.

Lynette did 1 or 2 warm-ups and 8 sprints to the top.  After each sprint from the waterline to the vegetation line, a very fast walk back to the waterline, a  quick turn, then another sprint to the vegetation.  The grade from waterline to vegetation line is maybe only 3-4 percent,but the soft sand makes it the perfect way to be intense without hurting your joints.  Running in soft sand is great for both beginners and experts.  The beginner, if he hasn’t ran for a number of years, will find that they have to re-learn how to run.  Some folks have never had much experience running, ever, and will have to learn the art of running for the first time.  There are some great youtube videos on how to run.  Watch them if it’s been more than 2 years since you’ve ran regularly.  Let me add one thing.  Search Youtube for videos on Sprinting’ as well, which actually suits this Cardio Day better than ‘Running’.

I ran 2 warm up plus 11 full-on sprints, and finished in just over 9 minutes.

When we’d both finished, we took a few minutes to get some extra water into us and allow the heart rate to settle back down.  Then we moved halfway up the beach and did 7 minutes of Abs, with no rules.  That means each of us performs as close to 7 minutes of continuous ab movements with as little rest as possible, but choosing any combination of exercises that can keep you going without stopping.  For example, I usually start with upper ab exercises like crunches, and as I tire I shift the exercises towards those of my lower abs, like pelvic tilts/leg raises.  By shifting between upper and lower abs you can keep going without resting, and if done twice a week, in 4 to 6 weeks you’d go the full 7 minutes without stopping.

Give it a go.