We’re a block from the beach in a quiet residential area 15 minutes to the east of Mackay.  The beach along this long, protected bay is approximately 7 or 8 kilometers long, and we’re situated just about dead center of that length.  We walked to one end and back each of the first two days.  Today we followed up that 8 km beach walk with an intense 25 minute leg workout.

Our meals were perfect again.  Mixed green vegetable juice first thing in the morning, with addition of essential fats, protein, Life Extension Mix.  Lunch was a mixed salad consisting of quinoa, a big handful of leafy greens, one can of ‘five bean mix’, half a chicken breast, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of virgin cocoanut oil.  it’s in a liquid form at 30 degrees C, and great as an essential oil in a salad dressing.

This afternoon we sat around the pool for a couple hours and went in the water several times to cool down.  It was another great weather day.  We are into week 3 of our holiday and we haven’t had a day of rain yet.  We’ve stocked up the fridge with good healthy food so we’ll figure out what we’ll have for supper, then maybe out by the pool and listen to some music before bed.

We’ll be staying here for another 5 days, and I’ll post again tomorrow with some pictures.